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Meal 8
A tailor-made meal according to the new trends.

New food trends pass through personalization. Meal 8 allows you to put together a customized meal, thanks to the different inserts. As an example of meal, let’s take 4/8 vegetables, 2/8 proteins, 2/8 cereals. Simple and prompt.


Hot Ready Meal
From cold to hot with your products.

Our fast-paced days drive us to buy ready meals, that we only need to overheat. Hot Ready Meal is a packaging range capable to head from the fridge to the microwave in style and safety.


Bicolor for a touch of class.

Cakes can be magnificent. The challenge is to preserve their appeal once packed. BL is the food packaging that successfully guarantees the highest transparency and is particularly classy in its bicolor version with a black base.