• MEAL 8
    Your Meal,
    Your Choice

MEAL8 comes from a 360 ° analysis,
focused on the needs of the end user,
the ones of large-scale retail and the needs of the food industry .


USER oriented

Thanks to the Design-Thinking methodologies, specific targets have been studied, analyzing their needs, consumption and assessing future scenarios. In a fast paced world where demand for service and safety is at its highest, MEAL8 is the answer.
Trust and safety
The Safe-T-Fresh® system protects the product from undesirable tampering and ensures its closure
Freedom of choice
The modularity of the product allows the consumer to choose the ingredients He/She likes
Health and nutrition
MEAL8 is designed to assemble the best balanced meal.
A personalized meal must be fast and complete with everything. Fork and seasoning are already inside


It gives the possibility to closely monitor the performance of a product and to adjust its offer accordingly. It also allows you to experience new food combinations with greater freedom and effectiveness.


Compared to traditional ready-made salads that, once expired, should be completely disposed of, MEAL8 allows you to always exploit 100% of the shelf life of each product. The material is PET, made up over half by R-PET.