Our Company

Inline Poland is one of the 9 manufacturing facilities which are part of the European Sirap group. Since the company foundation in 1991, we are paying close attention to the changing market realities and quite often manage to stay a step ahead of its requirements. As a result, we design and make excellent quality, modern packaging which goes together with the current trends. This has made us one of the most innovative and flexible companies in the industry, as attested by the constant increase of sales of our packaging all over Europe and the growing number of our partner companies.

In 2009, we built a new manufacturing facility from the ground up to meet the highest quality standards as required by our customers - food manufacturing companies.


    A team of packaging experts daily works in order to find new packaging solutions, based on the specific needs of the customers. A lot of new ideas, that promptly become prototypes.
    Sirap selling network is formed by real technicians, that put together trading skills and a deep knowledge of the products and of the manufacturing processes.
    32 storehouses in 15 countries, for quick and safe deliveries all over Europe: Mediterranean Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe.
    The skill to change in order to meet the needs of a changing market, with very high quality products and an excellent service. This has always been Sirap’s philosophy: working to make the difference.

The exclusive packaging, purposely designed for you.

Quality, innovation, innovative and functional design, this is what Sirap Gema containers hold.

A lot of different solutions and continually evolving, thanks to a constant dialogue with its own customers. Because Sirap Gema is more than a supplier of products: it is a true partner, for the food industry and Large Retails, together studying and designing, from time to time, the best solution. From the idea to the finished product, in a very short time, thanks to Sirap’s specialists’ experience.